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We're a family focused estate planning firm

There is nothing more important than our children–keeping them safe from harm and providing for their future. When we help you with your estate planning you will ensure that they will be cared for if the unexpected happens to you.

Protect your children

An estate plan will safeguard your children...

By electing proper guardians

  • Not allowing them to be placed as wards of the court, in a foster or group home removed from their family home. 
  • Not allowing a judge to decide who will raise your children.

By determining how your estate can best provide for your children’s future care and financial needs.

  • Protecting your children’s inheritance from unscrupulous predators, lawsuits, divorce and creditors. 
  • A will only is not enough to protect your child if the unthinkable happens to you.
  • When your children are young and relying on you, your estate planning must include a trust.
  • A trust will dictate who takes care of your children and how they are taken care of.
  • At the Law Offices of David Boucher, our greatest efforts are made for the care and well being of children.

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